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At Calibre Metals, we’re changing the face of lithium-ion battery recycling in Australia. We believe in a future free from battery landfill, so we’re establishing Australia’s first dedicated lithium-ion battery recycling facility in Wagga Wagga, NSW.

From 2025, Calibre Metals will provide a safe, hassle-free and sustainable service for handling, transporting and recycling stockpiled and future lithium-ion batteries. Harnessing the best available technology in our custom-designed plant, we will recover critical minerals like lithium, copper, cobalt, nickel and manganese from lithium-ion batteries for reuse.
It’s all about maximising efficiency and minimising waste, and our goal is to not only remove up to 3,000 tonnes from landfill in Stage 1 but to contribute to a circular economy in a clean energy future.

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Our services

At Calibre Metals, we are the solution to your lithium-ion battery disposal problem. We can help you clear up existing stockpiles and become an ongoing outlet for your lithium-ion batteries, supporting you in achieving your sustainability goals and priorities for a cleaner planet.

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  • Safe lithium-ion battery storage on-site
  • Compliant transport from your site to our recycling facilities
  • Safe, efficient and clean recycling
  • Certified recycling of your batteries

Our technology

At Calibre Metals, we’re part of the clean energy future. Our battery treatment processes are safe, sustainable, and efficient and our recycling technology and process has been specifically designed to recycle all types of lithium ion cells to maximise recovery efficiencies and minimise waste, with capacity to save up to 3,000 tonnes from landfill each year.

After arriving at our facility in Wagga Wagga, NSW, the lithium-ion batteries are first discharged in a saline solution before being disassembled and processed. The mechanical processing allows us to recover plastics, aluminium, copper, and black mass (containing critical metals) that are then sold to battery manufacturers and other downstream processors.

Recycling Process
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Our story

Experienced recyclers

Calibre Metals is backed by a team with decades of experience in battery recycling.

We are founded by a team with deep knowledge and experience in battery recycling. Our founders have built, managed and operated Used Lead Acid Battery recycling high-volume facilities in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Wagga Wagga before turning their attention to solving the lithium-ion battery problem.

We have the vision, expertise, skills and experience to lead the change.

Game-changing approach

Waste lithium-ion batteries are a problem.

Globally, the demand for batteries is increasing exponentially, with lithium-ion battery demand expected to grow by 33% annually by 2030.

Here in Australia, we simply haven’t had the technology or resources to handle our lithium-ion battery waste. Until now.

We know that recycling lithium-ion batteries and reversing the tonnage going to landfill will not be a quick fix. It requires a high degree of expertise, a little outside the box thinking and a lot of dedication to the big picture. That’s Calibre Metals and we’re here to change the game.

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Why Calibre Metals?

  • We’re Australia’s first dedicated lithium-ion facility.
  • We provide a hassle-free process to manage battery stockpiles.
  • We’re offering a clean and sustainable solution for the future.
  • We’re strategically aligned with global priorities to reduce waste and create a circular economy.
  • We’re reducing Australia’s landfill problem by up to 3,000 tonnes per year.

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